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Don't just serve coffee...
Serve up a sensory experience!

KRUVE has several engaging sensory experiences that add value to the cafe and roastery setting. Below are just a few examples of the ways cafes and coffee shops can integrate our products into their business and add value for customers:


Shop owners and baristas curate an exciting sensory experience by pairing the glassware they feel is best suited to a particular roast (e.g. INSPIRE glass could highlight the latest Ethiopian roast or the EXCITE glass could accentuate a rich Colombian roast). In this scenario, a customer is served either the INSPIRE or EXCITE glass, with the complementary PIQUE carafe on a tray. To make the experience even more robust, the barista might also pair the coffee with a popular baked good (e.g. muffin, cookie, chocolate).

The barista serves coffee in the PIQUE or EVOKE carafe, along with both the EXCITE and INSPIRE glasses, and the customer indulges in their own sensory exploration. This allows the customer to enjoy the same coffee in two completely different ways. Along with the customer having fun, they will also be learning about the impact of glassware. List this as a ‘flight’ or ‘tasting’ option on the menu. In addition, this unique experience will no doubt set your cafe apart and create meaningful word of mouth.


Sensory Training Experience

Many cafes add value to their community by offering training courses or hosting educational events. Thanks to the KRUVE EQ glassware, you can introduce your students and customers to a robust sensory experience like never before. From novices to expert roasters or baristas, the KRUVE EQ glassware can be used to elevate quality to new heights. Evaluate the impact of color, texture, and temperature, all while emphasizing the beautiful tasting notes and aromatics. Use it with the SCA flavor wheel or KRUVE’s very own introductory sensory guide. The options are endless.

kruve sifter
sets you apart

The KRUVE Sifter also has many wonderful applications for your cafes or roasteries. From grind size education to machine calibration, and especially quality assurance. There are multiple ways that technicians, cafe owners, and Q graders can find meaningful value in getting precise and quantifiable grind measurements!


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