Taste Testing the New KRUVE EQ Glassware!

by Mark Vecchiarelli //

The video below is 100% real and un-scripted. 

We set out to see what people thought of the KRUVE EQ glassware. To make it even more fun, we threw in a bit of a twist at the end! What the tasters didn't realize was - well, you can watch and see for yourself...


Huge thank you once again to Back Road Coffee Roasters (@backroadcoffee) for hosting our taste test. The entire day was super fun! If you ever get the chance, check them out - They have an awesome tasting bar, awesome rides, and awesome coffee! It's a triple-win.

KRUVE team with Back Road Coffee Roasters

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  • I would like to order the set, both glasses and the carafe. When will they be available to the public?

    Greg Brain

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