Perfect Grind, Perfect Water...Perfect Cup?

by Adam Krupa //

In our never-ending quest to brew the perfect cup, we strive to optimize and control all the aspects of brewing coffee. We commonly emphasize the importance of using the right (freshly roasted) beans, as well as the right size and uniformity of your grind for your particular brewing method. In this article, we wanted to examine another important aspect of coffee, which is the water itself. Below, we'll see that there are some striking similarities.

First, we must understand that coffee in it's most simplified form is nothing more than ground coffee beans and water. So, it would follow that the quality of your grind impacts the taste of your coffee just as the quality of the water you use impacts the taste of your coffee. In addition, just as the grind size (or grind profile) effects how fast the coffee extracts in the water, the mineral makeup of the water (or water profile) has an effect on the way the soluble solids (the coffee that can be dissolved) extract. This impacts which flavour notes are released.

The similarities continue...

Just like there is a correct grind profile for your brew method there is a correct water profile as well. The problem is, the minerals and allowable contaminants found in water vary dramatically across the globe. Some water contains more calcium, while other water might contain more magnesium, and still other water might contain more contaminates overall. In a similar fashion, grind size varies widely due to a number of factors, e.g. grinder to grinder variability or grinder variability over time. 

So, how can we use the "right" water? Well, just like we created the KRUVE Sifter to "Perfect the Grind", our friends Taylor and Charles created Third Wave Water to "Perfect the Water". Third Wave Water (TWW) works because it is a precisely formulated blend of minerals that will take a gallon of de-mineralized water and turn it into the optimum brewing water, which is compliant with The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) guidelines for brewing. You can read more about TWW here.

So now, no matter what grinder you use, or where you get your water you can make the perfect cup, and here is how:

  1. Pick your favourite bean. 
  2. Grind and sift your coffee using your KRUVE Sifter to achieve the desired grind size.
  3. Boil some Third Wave Water.
  4. Brew using your favourite method. 

    FUN EXPERIMENT: Try brewing two cups using the same bean. For the first brew, use your regular tap water and an unsifted grind. For the second brew, use TWW and a sifted grind. Taste them side by side and tell us what you think. 

    If you are interested in trying a sifted cup using third wave water, you can take advantage of our special holiday promotion (ending December 25th). Buy any KRUVE Sifter from and receive a free pack of Third Wave Water valued at $15!

    Each pack contains 12 water treatment capsules, which combined make 12 gallons (45L) of water specifically formulated for brewing coffee.



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