by Mark Vecchiarelli //

We've just launched a new blog and plan to populate it with tons of helpful information in the form of recipes, opinions, educational pieces, product updates, event highlights, barista profiles, and whatever else may pique our interest in the specialty coffee community. It may take us some time to find our bearings, but we hope your feedback and input will help us refine what works best and allow us to serve you with more content that is relevant to you. If you have suggestions for topics or if there are any coffee questions you want answered, please let us know.

Stay tuned...More to come!

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  • Felicitaciones por tan interesante desarrollo , podremos en adelante disfrutar mejor de un verdadero cafe bien preparado,, ojala para dar mejor trato a los especiales cafes de Colombia .
    Espero poder comprarlo en nuestro pais Colombia pronto.


    John Monroy

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