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This 5 piece EQ glassware set includes:

  • 2 EXCITE Glasses
  • 2 INSPIRE Glasses
  • 1 EVOKE Carafe

KRUVE EQ glassware is scientifically designed to amplify or soften certain flavour notes - just like an audio equalizer - and put you in control of your sensory experience!

The EXCITE glass features a bulbous shape and large liquid surface area. This traps and circulates aroma, while softening acidity and enhancing sweetness. It pairs well with Full-bodied, Chocolately, Nutty, or Dark Roasts.

The INSPIRE glass features a narrow inner glass shape and smaller liquid surface area. This focuses and funnels the aroma, while enhancing acidity. It pairs well with Fruity, Citrusy, or Light Roasts.

The EVOKE carafe is double-walled to keep temperature stable and can be used with popular brewers like an Aeropress or V60!


Experience better coffee with all your senses in perfect harmony!

  • Balanced flavour
  • Enhanced aroma
  • Hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • Double-to-single-wall construction
  • Keeps coffee warm, while cool to the touch
  • Precision pouring
  • Dishwasher Safe